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Today in freelancer market, the leading industry like Upwork, Amazon, etc. are charging expensive transaction fees. The presence of too many intermediaries is making global freelance market very expensive and inefficient for the users. In order to resolve this problem, StormX inc. is rebranding its renowned application “BitMaker” to “Storm Play” and integrating the blockchain technology into the app by introducing “Storm Tokens”


All About It 

Storm Market is developing earning opportunities for people across the world by using the latest technology. It is providing a new way of earning from anywhere, anytime by any device. Storm Play is an app through which users can access the Storm Market.  It is a decentralized micro-task marketplace run by the talented team who already proved themselves by developing a popular Bitmaker app.  There are various crypto coins which are quite popular such as Bitcoin, Ripple, LiteCoin, IOTA, DASH, Stellar Lumens. For using this market through Storm Play, the users need to utilize the storm tokens.

Storm play is actually a user portal in the StormX’s which is an existing micro-task marketplace and will be named as “Storm market” in the new rebranded app.  With the transition of StormX app into the blockchain, the company will increase its massive scope and add many other advanced features. The implementation of blockchain in this app is the first step of the company towards the evolution which StormX envision as an entire decentralized marketplace for Storm Market.  The app will also work similarly to Apple app store or Google play store and provide a platform where makers and players can accept and create the tasks by utilizing smart contracts supported by its Tokens.

The company is aiming to establish Storm Market as a platform where makers and players can easily connect and interact with each other in order to buy and sell tasks by paying reduced transaction fees in the form of tokens. 

What is Storm Token? 

StormX is introducing the STORM tokens as n ERC-20 tokens which will be used for doing transactions within a secured and gamified marketplace.  These tokens are the future currency that will work like a backbone of this project.  These tokens will run by blockchain based smart contracts on Ethereum. The tokens will be used in StormX to create micro-tasks in Storm play. The tokens can be acquired in following ways:-

  • Storm Play, by combining bolts which are redeemable for STORM tokens
  • User acquisition token allocation that will be distributed via Storm play channels like social media, email, etc.

Why to Choose Storm Market?

  • Global:- capable of addressing the global needs
  • Secure:- Its trusted network supported by Ethereum smart contracts for micro-tasks
  • Growth:- enhance growth of freelancers worldwide
  • Gamification:- A technique helps in earning more tokens through easy and simple way
  • Accessible:- easily accessible and allow people to earn tokens from anywhere, at anytime 

Storm Market

What Problems Storm Is Resolving? 

Storm Market is targeting the freelancing industry around micro-tasks. Currently, there are identified competitors in the market like Upwork, Mechanical Turk, etc. which are circulating huge amount of money through their platform with existing inefficiencies that ultimately creates hurdles for the freelancers. They deduct huge amount from their users earning by charging 40% of transaction cost.  The Storm market is striving to resolve the problems by providing following benefits:-

  • As compared to traditional micro-task marketplaces, they will charge reduce transaction fees.
  • Eliminate the interruption of any middlemen between buyers and sellers
  • Allow micro-rewards in order to complete small tasks
  • Minimize the counter-party risks and cost of dispute resolution by imposing engagement terms within smart contracts
  • Enhance the reach of storm players and makers to reach wider audience that help the businesses in accomplishing their micro tasks more efficiently
  • Providing more earring opportunity to the skilled freelancers

Who Can Participate In The Storm Market? 

There are three parties that can take part in this marketplace:-


They are freelancers who can join the network to perform tasks and build the ecosystem as well as receive tokens for their work.


Makers are the companies who ask players to perform the desire tasks. They directly works with StormX,Inc. to define the objective and engagement which they are willing to achieve.


The master is responsible for monitoring the Storm market ecosystem to avoid the chances of fraudulent activities and also pay attention in maintaining positive growth of the player network. The master will recruit makers to engage the player’s in the network. 

Blockchain in Storm

We all know the success and tremendous growth of blockchain based distributed computing networks like VeChain, Lisk, OmiseGO, Zcash, Binance, Stratis, etc. This is a reason why StormX is also integrating this technology by introducing its tokens into storm market. The StormX team is engaged in developing blockchain-based smart contracts that will allow the decentralized method of creating and engaging the task in the realm of Storm market. This will eliminate the inefficiencies and issues of makers and players by engaging them directly with each other with the help of tokens.

The market will also provide different ways to earn rewards and compensation with the help of gamified micro-tasks and other tasks as well as freelance work that can be done from anywhere, anytime with any device. 

Storm Market Use


The STORM tokens can be stored in any ERC-20 compatible wallet that includes MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, imToken, etc. However, the official wallet partner of STORM tokens is Jaxx. 


The Storm team is standing behind the success of the project which utilizes this latest technology for the successful implementation of the solution. Key members of the company are:-

  • Simon Yu (CEO & Founder)
  • Rui Maximo (CTO | Security Expert)
  • Arry Yu (COO) 


Storm Market is a gamified micro-task marketplace that enables users to earn by completing different tasks. The company is expanding its platform by creating decentralized storm market by incorporating blockchain technology. In storm market, people can use their skills and talents to accomplish various tasks and get good rewards for it in the form of tokens. In short, a company is aiming to operate decentralized platform where anyone can offer or engage in tasks by utilizing blockchain based smart contracts supported by tokens (ERC-20).

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