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Po.et is basically a blockchain-based platform which is designed to reclaim the value for content publishers, creators and consumers. With the help of it, authors can own their content as well as create and issues licenses to ensure they are receiving valid compensation for their work. The platform is proposing a new way to manage intellectual property right in today modern world. It caters towards journalists, publishers and content creators.


All about it

Po.et is an open source project developed by the Singapore based corporation named as Po.et Technologies limited which is aiming to develop and grow this platform. It is an open, shared and universal ledger created to store metadata and ownership details for digital creative assets. It is a first non-financial application of the blockchain that extends the hashing and time stamping features supported by the Proof of Existence.”  It is a decentralized platform that allows users to generate data with different level of security features and anonymity without any issues that your proof will be counter-claimed, edited or erased by any third party intermediates.

The platform is beneficial for simplify the process of verifying, licensing and publishing digital assets to resolve major issues comes while dealing with creative work from syndication to document integrity. By utilizing smart contract features it plays well in distribute the work and reduce the bridge between creators and publishers.

What is Po.et Token? 

The Po.et token is also denoted with its ticker symbol “POE”. It is a decentralized crypto currency (similar to other coins such as SALT, TenX, MaidSafeCoin, Santiment, Siacoin, BitShares) which is used for private and transparent transactions. It is an ERC-20 compatible token and offers wide compatibility with existing wallets, smart contracts, exchanges and other financial infrastructure.

By leveraging the blockchain technology, a company wants to ensure the existence, analytics, integrity, data and attribution of assets as they are developing new models of sharing, collaboration and financial exchange. In this way, they promote the value and trust to run within the digital media and publishing industry between editor, content creator and publisher.

Po.et token allocation

POE reclaims value for publishers, creators and consumers that are:-

Own Your Content

It allow to generate timestamped titles and immutable for creating work and registering the assets to the Po.et network.  The POE is decentralized and secured by the blockchain so it ensures that your metadata attribution will remain safe, incontrovertible and verifiable.

Create and Issues Licenses

The POE utilizes cryptography so that publishers and content creators can automate the licensing process without any help of third parties. It allows user to choose from preexisting license or creating their own terms and automate the transfer, payments and issuance of licenses.

Open Network 

Po.et is creating a bridge that eliminates the differences between creators and publishers. It allows discovering a new content or validating legitimacy with a truly transparent system of attribution.

What Is Proof Of Existence? 

To understand what exactly Po.et is, first you need to understand what Proof of existence is because Po.et is built with its core features. Proof of existence is one of the first non-financial applications based on blockchain technology. It was created by Manuel Araoz in the year 2013.  The Proof of existence is decentralized and enables users to store their distributed content, media or any metadata or document anonymously  and securely without storing the actual content in the database or BTC blockchain.  It means it allow user to publicly prove that they possessed a certain data or file without revealing their identity or data in a complete safe and secure manner. The Proof of Existence is also based on Bitcoin blockchain to make sure that file’s hash is permanently stored in the form of immutable data without any need of central time stamping authority.

Po.et features

What Problems PO.ET is Resolving? 

The Po.et is focusing on addressing three main problems which are very hard to answer about digital assets on the internet:-

  1. Ownership: – Who owns this digital media asset?
  2. Utilization: – May I use, repurpose or license it?
  3. History: – what is the origin of this assets and what is its trajectory?

From the beginning of the internet, the defensibility of established intellectual property and copyright has to face the problem of maintaining pace with the reduced cost of information sharing. There are few media marketplaces such as Shutterstock that help in addressing these problems by developing a centralized hub but they are not interoperable and do not allow the quick verification, license purchasing and attribution.

With Po.et, content creators can timestamp their assets on the bitcoin blockchain.  It ensure that metadata attribution will stay remain certifiable, immutable and safe. It also offer easy and convenient way through which creators can set clear licensing fees and accept payment within the platform. Also, it creates an open network to make digital content more discoverable for publishers so that they can easily search for a new content.  

Prime Features 


POE uses a bitcoin blockchain which is public and fully distributed. It means, it can be access from anywhere by anyone. It offers a reliable and trusted view for integrity of digital assets origins and specific imitative data for publishers and content creators.


There is no single point of Po.et failure because its network is not run by any one administrator, company or organization.


The bitcoin mining network is used for securing the POE data which is considered as one of the excellent computing networks across the world.  The cryptographic signatures ensure the integrity of data and identify that parties are interacting with each other on the Po.et network.

Open source 

It allow to the users to modify or extend POE to achieve their prime needs.


It ensures the integrity of data and irrefutable evidence of existence by providing block-chain based time stamping and hashing feature.


POE is flexible and allows to do different activities like you can use it without Sharing data publicly, invent your own licensing terms or to create new smart contract.

How to Mine It? 

The Po.et tokens cannot be mined. The total supply of the tokens is fixed and there is no other method for its continuous issuance model.


POE is an ERC-20 based token so that you can store them in on myetherewallet. The others wallets for storing POE are ledger wallet, trezor, jaxx , etc. 

How To Buy POE? 

The POE can purchase through exchanges that include EtherDelta, COSS, Binance, Kucoin, OKEx and HitBTC.


The key objective of the Po.et is to develop a platform that helps in simplify and stream the process of licensing, publishing and authentication of digital assets for the users.  It is highly important to resolve the problems of document integrity, arbitrage, syndication, licensing and attribution of digital assets. Like other crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ripple, LiteCoin, IOTA, DASH, Stellar Lumens, Po.et are moving ahead with the aim of building a blockchain-based platform with added features of smart contract functionality and applications to distribute the work as well as eliminate the gap between publisher, editors and content creators.

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