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What is Electroneum (ETN)?

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency built with the goal of capturing the online gambling and mobile gaming markets. This cryptocurrency is optimized to be used on mobile devices. There are more than 2.2 billion smartphone users worldwide.  This company aims to revolutionize the whole cryptocurrency mining industry.


Electroneum (ETN) Analysis

What is Electroneum (ETN) all about?

ETN is different from the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies on the international market today. Due to its maximum supply total of twenty-one billion that means, it has “real money” feel that other cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin and Ethereum lacks.  The team associated with ETN coins plans to offer a more understandable and approachable transaction amount by having a total supply of this cryptocurrency higher than Bitcoin.

Some of the products and platform that are already developed are:

  • Electroneum blockchain
  • App-Based Wallet
  • The mobile-app based Mining System
  • Offline Wallet
  • Windows Wallet
  • Windows Miner software
  • Mining Pool Software
  • Blockchain Explorer
  • Third Party Payment API

Why purchase ETN?

ETN coins rely on its own purpose-built blockchain, unlike many other cryptocurrencies that are based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The Electroneum is based on the original Bitcoin source code. The developers associated with this project have already announced numerous working products and platform in place.

Some of the benefits of investing in ETN coins are:

  • ETN coins can be stored both in the cloud and in offline wallets.
  • It can be easily mined from a phone or any other device.

What problems are Electroneum solving?

Traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum requires complex software, GPU mining rigs, and complicated algorithms that send personal identification to the strange website in order for miners to mine those cryptocurrencies. The barriers to entry for the majority of small investor are too large for traditional cryptocurrencies.

ETN make it easy for even small investors to access and use a secure cryptocurrency that has all of the benefits of traditional digital currencies such as SALT, TenX, MaidSafeCoin, Santiment, Siacoin, BitShares.  Transactions made in Electroneum happen anonymous and faster. ETN protects the transaction history of the investor. It also protects the mobile wallet from prying eyes while leaving publicly accessible transaction hashes available for authenticating transactions to the technical discerning.

How is ETN different and better than other solution?

  1. ETN represents ease of accessibility and use of a cryptocurrency. It will open up a huge unexplored market of more than 2.2 billion smartphone users around the globe.
  2. Creators of this digital currency have launched an app that will allow the users around the world to effortlessly manage their online funds by receiving and sending payments with the convenience of QR code scanning.
  3. Users without any technical knowledge or powerful GPUs will be able to “mine” their cryptocurrency due to the user-friendly cryptocurrency mining experience provided by the mobile app of ETN.

Mining of ETN

Specialized GPU mining rigs or ASIC rigs for mining is required by almost all of the cryptocurrencies. But mining of ETN is different.

Users can mine Electroneum on their smartphone from the mobile applications. The same mobile application enables the users to store their Electroneum balance and carry out different transactions. This mobile application gives the user the ability to mine the crypto coin.

Electroneum Wallet

The mobile wallet and an offline wallet are offered by Electroneum for storage and trading purposes. Currently, only the android version of this app is available, which can be downloaded by the users from Google Play. Wallet of this cryptocurrency is built to be easily manageable on Android-based smartphones.

Electroneum wallet

How to buy Electroneum?

Currently, this cryptocurrency can be purchased only on Cryptopia exchange platform. Investors must first register to this exchange platform and after that, they need to deposit BTC, USDT, or LTC, etc. on their account in order to start trading.  ETN can be exchanged using the cryptocurrencies deposited into your account.

Electroneum vs. Bitcoin

  1. More secure than Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies around the world but it lacks in some aspects like security. Anyone can view sensitive transaction details of users on the Bitcoin blockchain.

No one has access to the transaction history of the users except them on Electroneum.  This cryptocurrency still leaves behind publicly viewable hashes that can be used for confirming the transactions of the users.

  1. Faster transactions than Bitcoin

ETN coins will process faster than Bitcoin. In addition, there will be no transaction fees for sending this cryptocurrency. Users will be able to carry out Micro-transactions with ETN.

HitBTC will soon list ETN on its exchange platform

HitBTC has recently announced that it will soon begin the listing of mobile-friendly Electroneum cryptocurrency on its exchange platform. It is big news for this cryptocurrency that aims to become to achieve real-world mass adoption. The integration of this cryptocurrency is underway now and it is expected to be listed soon on this cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Electroneum Future price prediction

The price of this coin will initially go down in the second quarter of 2018 as soon as people from the ICO will come back and restore their account and transfer their coins to exchange platform. The selling pressure will push down the price of this cryptocurrency but once it all settles out; experts believe that the price of the coin will rise significantly.

Electroneum global community

Team associated with Electroneum

The team behind this project consists of developers, professional engineers, entrepreneurs and marketers with a proven track record of success. The company was founded by Richard Ellis who has more than 20 years of experience in running a digital agency.

Brief Overview about Electroneum coins

Many experts believe the ETN coins to be a powerful investment opportunity for small cryptocurrency investors as the value of these coins will increase significantly in the future. This coin has sent shockwaves through the digital currency world by gaining 750,000 users and 120,000 initial contributors.

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